Are you ready for relief? Natural Prostate solutions!

Are you ready for relief? Natural Prostate solutions!

Prostate FormulaIf you’re a man over 50, it is important to take care of your prostate health.* Nature's Lab Prostate Formulais a powerful blend of nutrients specifically formulated to work together to support prostate and bladder health, promote healthy antioxidant levels and boost the immune system.*

This formula contains over 100% daily values of both zinc (as patented L-OptiZinc®) and selenium (as patented SelenoExcell®) per serving. Both of these important nutrients promote antioxidant support and defense against free radicals,* and L-OptiZinc® is also a patented 1:1 complex of zinc and methionine, a well-absorbed combination that helps support a healthy immune system as well as healthy antioxidant levels.* This formula also features lycopene, saw palmetto extract, pumpkin seed oil powder and gelatinized maca root powder. These important compounds have been selected to help support prostate health, urinary health and a healthy libido.*

Are you ready for relief?

If you're a man over 50, you should be taking care of your prostate health. Nature's Lab Prostate Formula is a great place to start.

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Powerful Ingredients:

Nature’s Lab Prostate Formula utilizes a powerful formulation of nutrients selected to promote healthy prostate function, urinary heath and a healthy libido.*

L-OptiZinc®: An essential mineral found in large quantities in the prostate gland and important in promoting prostate health.* This formula uses patented L-OptiZinc® for optimal absorption.*

SelenoExcell®: Patented selenium that helps support immune health and prostate health.*

Lycopene: A potent antioxidant packed with phytonutrients that may promote prostate health.*

Saw Palmetto: An ancient extract that has been used for centuries to help promote prostate and urinary health.*

Pumpkin Seed Oil: Containing a high content of Omega-6 fatty acids, this nutrient has been historically used to alleviate urinary difficulties.*

Organic Maca Powder: A stress-fighting adaptogen that may help support energy regulation and libido.*

Nature's Lab Prostate Formula

Lifestyle Tips for Men Over Age 50:

In addition to supplementing with Nature’s Lab Prostate Formula, men over age 50 can maintain a healthy lifestyle to promote general wellness.* Here are some tips for maintaining a healthy lifestyle:

Eat a healthy diet and maintain a healthy weight: Eat a well-rounded diet rich with vegetables, whole grains, lean meats, poultry, and healthy protein and fat sources. Avoid unhealthy fats and excess sugars. (Note: a registered dietitian is the best source of information about a healthy diet at any age).

Exercise regularly: Physical activity is important to many aspects of a healthy lifestyle.* Incorporate a healthy mix of aerobic activity and strength training into your weekly routine. The CDC recommends 150 minutes of moderate aerobic activity (such as brisk walking) and muscle-strengthening activities two or more days a week.

Maintain regular sleep patterns: Aim for 7-8 hours of sleep nightly to allow your body to repair cell damage and refresh the immune system.*
Avoid tobacco and limit alcohol: Quitting smoking and limiting alcohol to a few drinks weekly may help lower the risk of various health complications.*

Get routine exams and screenings: Men over age 50 should receive routine screenings, such as prostate and colon screenings, to look for potential diseases in their early stages.* Consult your physician to decide which screenings are best for you.