Nature's Lab announces expansion of in-house lab and manufacturing facility in southwest Las Vegas

November 17th, 2023

For Immediate Release

LAS VEGAS, NV (September, 29, 2023) - Nature's Lab, a division of DrVita Inc., and a trusted leader in the vitamins and supplements industry, has announced the expansion of their USP audited lab and manufacturing facility in southwest Las Vegas, Nevada. 

By acquiring an additional 35,000 square feet, Nature’s Lab will increase its total operational capacity to 92,600 square feet. The expansion will allow the housing of new state-of-the-art equipment, further increasing production capabilities. The growth comes from high demands in their USP certified manufacturing facility with a reputation for uncompromisable quality. All new equipment will have the latest technology available on the market and each machine has been hand selected for exceptional cleanliness and efficiency.   

“We’re modernizing to invest in our future,” says Josh Minnick, Vice President of Sales. “Upgrading our technology allows us to meet the strong demand for growth by increasing productivity nearly twenty percent faster while maintaining our dedication to quality.” 

The new Pallay Pack/Aesus packaging lines will double existing capacity with the ability to fill six bottles simultaneously at a consistent pace. The biggest upgrade and major difference in the new technology being installed is in the capping capability. It will provide a more positive placement compared to the torque wheel on the current lines. The placement accuracy is a major upgrade to the line that will cut down on rework with a 99% reliability in capping. 

New Pak-Rapid machines will also be added as an upgrade to the existing packing line for increased output capability. The new machines will run roughly 100 to 120 packs per minute compared to the existing output of twenty packs per minute, making production six times faster than it was prior.  

Nature’s Lab continues to evolve in a focused effort to meet the growing needs of consumers. Increased productivity developments, along with cutting edge ideas and technology, continue to be at the forefront of future endeavors for the company. 

About Nature's Lab

Founded in 2011 in Las Vegas, Nature's Lab has been producing high quality dietary supplements based on the latest science for nearly a decade. Nature’s Lab takes great pride in manufacturing without any quality compromises. Each formula is meticulously developed to provide the right nutrients, in the right forms, and at the optimal potency levels to produce the best supplements on the market. DrVita is also proud to offer cutting edge Private Label manufacturing and production services through Eva Nutra. To learn more about Nature's Lab and its commitment to high-quality health supplements, visit