DIY Sore Muscle Salve

DIY Sore Muscle Salve

We're no strangers to DIY recipes here at Paradise Springs, and we love a natural salve (try our Digestive Blend Tummy Salve). This sore muscle salve combines herbaceous Rosemary Oil with floral Lavender Oil for a calming, herby aroma that works to ease tensions and soothe muscles. Rosemary Oil is traditionally regarded as a focus-boosting essential oil for memory, but it also has wonderful anti-inflammatory properties when applied topically. Lavender, on the other hand, is well-known for its calming, relaxing effects. Together, these essential oils will create a relaxing, soothing salve.


What You'll Need

• 1 Cup Coconut Oil
• 1 Cup Olive Oil, or try Paradise Springs Jojoba Oil
4 ounces beeswax
30 Drops Paradise Springs Rosemary Oil
20 Drops Paradise Springs Organic Lavender Oil
Tins for Storing (this recipe yields approximately 16 ounces)
Wooden Sticks for
Stirring Heat Safe Glass for Mixing

    To Make

    Using a double-boiler method to melt the beeswax. To do this, heat 1-2 inches of water in a saucepan over medium heat, bringing water to a simmer. Place the heat-safe glass with beeswax directly into the water to gently melt the beeswax. Stir occasionally. This process will take approximately 15 minutes.

    Add the coconut oil to the measuring glass with the melted beeswax, stirring gently (do not remove from boiler). Once melted, add the olive oil (or Paradise Springs Jojoba Oil) and continue to stir over medium heat. Stir until combined.

    Once the ingredients are melted, remove from heat and allow to cool slightly. Add 30 drops of Rosemary Oil and 20 drops of Lavender Oil (feel free to modify the ratio to your preference, using more or less of each oil and you see fit). 

    Stir mixture gently with a wooden spoon until incorporated before pouring into metal tins for storage.

    Usage and Storage

    Apply this salve topically to sore muscles for occasional, temporary relief. You can also apply this mixture topically to bottoms of feet before bed (cover with socks) for a relaxing effect. Store your DIY Sore Muscle Salve in an airtight tin in a cool, dry place at room temperature.

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