DIY Tea Tree Oil Yoga Mat Spray

DIY Tea Tree Oil Yoga Mat Spray

We encourage health in all aspects of our daily lives and love using essential oils to enhance wellness. You may already use essential oils to calm anxiety or for that extra boost of energy, but essential oils can easily be added into workout routines as both aromatic motivators and natural cleaning agents. Before heading out for your next workout session, try taking one of these simple DIY recipes with you in your gym bag.

DIY Yoga Mat Cleaning Spray

DIY Yoga Mat Spray


Before you take your next savasana, try this antiseptic yoga mat spray. We combine natural cleaning agents with essential oils for a safe spray free from harmful chemicals. Plus, the essential oils will help ground and calm prior to practice.



What You’ll Need:

To Use: Combine the ingredients in the glass spray bottle and shake well before use. Spray the mixture onto your yoga mat and wipe with towel to clean mat of unwanted bacteria. This natural cleaner is safe to use both before and after your practice (plus, everyone will wonder what smells so good!).

Optional: Looking for an energizing boost? Try swapping out Lavender Oil for Paradise Springs Peppermint Oil. Peppermint oil will help improve concentration, reduce fatigue and boost mood throughout your practice.

All-Purpose Workout Spray with Eucalyptus


This multipurpose spray featuring Paradise Springs Organic Eucalyptus Oil is both invigorating and antiseptic while being gentle enough for a variety of uses.




What You’ll Need:

To Use: Combine the ingredients in the glass spray bottle and shake well before use. Before a workout spray down your workout towel with this mixture to both sanitize equipment and open up airways naturally. This spray can also be used to freshen up your gym bag or sanitize shower surfaces, locker room benches, insides of lockers, sauna benches, flip flops and more.  

Optional: We love playing with scents and mood-enhancing properties of different essential oils. Try adding a few drops of Paradise Springs Organic Lemon Oil or Paradise Springs Organic Lavender Oil to this combination to find the perfect scent for you.