Happy Entrepreneurs' Day!

Happy Entrepreneurs' Day!

Wayne Gorsek has invested over $40 Million into a state of the art facility and has personally formulated over 1,000 products in the course of his 30 year career.

Wayne Gorsek and his German shepherd Remo

Wayne Gorsek with his German shepherd, Remo.

Born in Springfield, Illinois, Wayne Gorsek was adopted and raised by his grandparents. Showing a passion for aviation from an early age, Wayne had planned to join the Air Force and become a pilot. He even earned his private pilot license and multi-engine rating and purchased a Rockwell Commander 112 single-engine aircraft and a Cessna 310Q multi-engine.

Wayne’s plans took an unexpected turn as his grandparents’ health began to decline, and his grandfather was eventually diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease. Wayne devoted himself to learning about health, nutrition, and natural ways to prevent and reverse ailments. Over several years, he spent countless hours in medical school libraries, developing a nutrition plan that would benefit his family. He eventually founded Vitacost in 1994 in a basement in Springfield, Illinois.

Partnering with the Department of Veteran’s Affairs Medical Center in Chicago, Wayne funded and provided the products on a patented Vision Formulation. The study showed macular degeneration could be improved with supplements.1 Wayne went on to formulate dozens of new products, continuing to grow Vitacost 1000% every five years. He earned INC 500 five years in a row and was inducted into the INC 500 Hall of Fame, one of about only 90 companies out of millions in over 30 years to accomplish this.

By 2009, Wayne had formulated approximately 900 products and Vitacost had grown to a customer base of over one million active customers, shipping about three million orders per year for total yearly revenues of $200 million in online sales. Vitacost became the #1 online vitamin company. Wayne took the company public and continued as the Chief Operations Architect. Shortly after, the company began to move in a new direction, and Wayne retired from Vitacost in December 2009.

Wayne never lost his passion for health and wellness, however, and since 2011, he has launched DrVita, Eva Nutra, Nature’s Lab, & NSI to create more powerful formulas based on leading nutritional science. He has invested over $40 million into a state of the art facility to support superior nutraceutical manufacturing. With an impressive 55,000 square foot manufacturing facility and state-of-the-art in-house lab, DrVita has the ability to make 23 million capsules every 24 hours with their German engineered Bosch encapsulators and Germon L.B. Bohle bin blending. These patented technologies provide a revolutionary quality of production plus ultra high efficiencies that are up to 800% higher compared to others. DrVita also has nitrogen flushing on the packaging life to extend the shelf life of products.

Wayne still loves to fly, but his true passion lies in providing people with the highest quality vitamins and supplements available. From humble basement beginnings to a leader in the vitamin industry, Wayne continues to devote himself to promoting health, wellness, and vitality through high quality products grounded in science.


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