Healthy Thanksgiving Ideas

Healthy Thanksgiving Ideas

Simple Tips for a Healthy Thanksgiving
Happy Thanksgiving! As we celebrate this holiday that reminds us to gather in unity and express gratitude, we’d also like to take a few moments to remind everyone that there are simple ways to stay healthful and mindful on this day of feasting- without giving up all the great food!

Eat Three Rounded Meals
Wake up with the mindset that you’ll have breakfast, lunch, and dinner on Thanksgiving, and you’ll be less likely to stuff yourself at the big meal. Eat a small breakfast to satiate hunger, then eat your Thanksgiving meal as lunch with the mindset that you’ll be eating dinner later. You’ll walk away satisfied but not completely full, so you’ll be hungry again by dinnertime.

Increase Awareness
Increase awareness by eating upright, and not standing up or parked on the couch in front of the TV. This will help promote conscientious eating as well as support digestion.

Use a Small Plate
Try using a smaller plate to reduce consumption. The best part? You can go back for seconds if you’re not full!

Wake Up and Be Active
Try planning a family hike or walk before the food makes its way to the table. You’ll feel good as well as get your metabolism revved up in lieu of the holiday treats to come.

Make Healthy Adjustments
Cut down on carbs and sugar by swapping mashed potatoes for pureed cauliflower, or try cutting down on the sugar in traditional cranberry sauce. Other healthy adjustments include adding more roasted vegetables to your appetizer plate, or skipping the whipped cream on that slice of pumpkin pie. A few healthy swaps can go a long way!


Don’t Punish Yourself
Punishing yourself on this day of thanks will just cause more stress. Try not to worry and simply keep these healthy swaps in mind to focus on enjoying your time with family and friends without distraction.

Have a happy, healthy Thanksgiving!