How to Promote Digestive Wellness Through the Holidays and Everyday

How to Promote Digestive Wellness Through the Holidays and Everyday

Whether through overeating, stress, or a reaction to rich foods and alcohol, digestion can become overwhelmed during the holidays. To maintain a healthy appetite, and keep your digestion settled through the holiday season, you can include these tips into your daily life. These lifestyle changes will also help you keep up with digestive wellness through the new year and beyond. 

Eat Mindfully and in Moderation

Maintaining digestive health doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice the foods you enjoy. Mindful eating means to savor the experience of eating rather than swiftly cleaning the plate. This allows your body’s digestion to slow down and allows you to notice if any upset is occurring so you can take action right away. Consuming your favorite meals in moderation lets you enjoy the taste without overindulging and causing stomach distress. 

Eat Gut-Supporting Foods

Holiday foods are often skewed towards one food group. To help stay on track make sure to include healthy, gut-supporting foods that have fiber and probiotics. Fibrous foods like leafy greens; grains, and fruits can benefit the good bacteria in your gut and keep your digestive health by moving things along. Probiotic-rich foods like yogurt; kefir; or sauerkraut balance gut health when consumed. So, load up a plate with different options at each meal, or include supplementation, to support gut health. 

Manage Stress with Ashwagandha

Stress is exemplified during the holidays due to many factors. The presence of stress can cause an upset stomach. Along with techniques such as meditation or deep breathing exercises, using ashwagandha can also help manage stress. Ashwagandha is an herb that is classified as an adaptogen. It is used to help promote relaxation and provide a sense of mental calm.* Ashwagandha may also boost brain function, lower cortisol levels and help with anxiety and mood.

Move Your Body

After a big meal, and especially during the colder months, it can be inviting to relax on the couch. However, staying sedentary has been shown to disrupt digestion. Making time for exercise, even mild movement like a walk after dinner, can increase blood flow to maintain gut health and keep you energized.

Stock Up On Supplements

Supporting your digestive health during the holidays doesn’t have to be complicated. Keeping your cupboard stocked with digestive health supplements can help keep your gut healthy and happy.* Include supplements from Nature’s Lab such as EnZym Balance to soothe the gastrointestinal tract*; Ginger Supreme to promote gut health and a diverse microbiome*; or Turmeric Root Powder to support beneficial bacteria*.

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