Mushrooms: How They Support Wellness

Mushrooms: How They Support Wellness

Mushrooms are quickly becoming one of the most talked about supplements. Mushrooms used in supplements are often referred to as functional mushrooms or medicinal mushrooms. The current crop of mushrooms most often used in supplements have adaptogenic properties that offer whole-body benefits. Find out more about all of the healthy qualities that researchers are uncovering on these amazing fungi.

Mushroom Supplements for Immune Benefits

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Mushrooms first gained the attention of researchers for their immune benefits. Eating mushrooms and taking supplements can affect the body’s inflammation markers.* Cytokines are inflammatory particles that alert your immune system to a possible threat and tell it to kick into action. While some level of inflammation is needed as a normal bodily process, runaway rampant inflammation can do considerable harm on the body. Mushrooms can support a balanced response to inflammation by helping the immune system regulate inflammatory molecules.*

Mushroom Prebiotics for the Gut

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Reishi mushrooms (Ganoderma lucidum), Himematsutake mushrooms (Agaricus blazei) and Maitake mushrooms (Grifola frondosa) have potent immune boosting abilities.* Mushrooms contain lipids (fats), phenols and their main health-promoting compound, polysaccharides. Polysaccharides are a type of fiber. What’s special about them is that they serve as prebiotic fiber for the “good” bacteria found in our gut.* Studies show mushroom supplements can promote positive changes in the gut microbiome.* When mushroom polysaccharides are broken down by bacteria in the gut, it produces a chemical that stimulates the immune system.* Polysaccharides can be divided into different types. The polysaccharide beta glucan is found in mushrooms and is associated with improved blood sugar, heart health and enhanced immune function.*

Lion's Mane and other Nootropic Mushrooms

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Some nootropic species, such as Lion’s Mane, have shown advantages for the brain and cognitive health.* The mycelium or roots-like structure of Lion’s Mane is rich in plant compounds called erinacines. A study on brain neurons showed that supplementation with compounds from Lion’s Mane mushrooms promoted neuron growth factors.* Lion’s Mane mushrooms also provide benefits for inflammation, blood sugar and a healthy functioning immune system.*

Where Can You Find the Best Mushroom Supplement?

Nature's Lab Gold Mushroom 7 product

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