Top 5 Supplements for Men Over 50

Top 5 Supplements for Men Over 50

Taking care of your health is no doubt a priority for your active and busy life. What are the top supplements to help you feel great in your fifties and beyond? Here’s a few you’ll want to consider.

DHEA for Hormone Support

Nature's Lab DHEA Supplement, 300 capsules

DHEA plays a significant role in hormone regulation of the thyroid and other processes in the body.* Some studies have shown that it can positively affect levels of testosterone and serotonin within the body.* DHEA is naturally present in our bodies but levels decline as we age. We enjoy the highest levels of DHEA in our 20s. Once you hit 30, there’s a ten percent decline in DHEA levels for each decade thereafter. DHEA supplementation may help cells become more sensitive to the effects of insulin.* What does this mean for you? Insulin is involved in how our bodies use sugar or glucose for energy. Increased insulin sensitivity may translate to better metabolism and an increased feeling of energy. Excess amounts of sugar in the body can lead to rampant inflammation, damaging arteries and other structures. DHEA is also an antioxidant and supports feelings of vitality.* To add DHEA to your diet try Nature's Lab DHEA Supplement 50mg.

Tribulus Terrestris and Testosterone

Nature's Lab Tribulux Max, 180 capsules

Supporting testosterone levels can contribute to overall wellness for men in their 50s.* Testosterone levels decrease at a rate of one percent per year once you reach the age of 40. Testosterone is not only crucial for libido, it is integral to muscle strength as we age. The herb Tribulus terrestris has shown promise in promoting healthy testosterone levels and supporting urinary health in men in various studies.* Tribulus terrestris can be found in Nature’s Lab Tribulux Max formula.

CoQ10 for Heart Health

Man running on bridge

For any man over fifty, CoQ10 is an absolute must for your supplement routine.* This coenzyme is needed to create fuel for the muscles which can promote increased energy.* Since the heart is a muscle, CoQ10 is extremely important for its health.* Nature’s Lab CoQ10 and CoQ10 + Alpha Lipoic Acid + Acetyl L-Carnitine HCl both contain 200mg of this cardiovascular supporting nutrient. Our One Daily Multivitamin is a cut above standard multivitamins, containing 100 mg of CoQ10 along with 21 essential vitamins and minerals. Read more about the benefits of CoQ10 here.

Turmeric for Joint Health

Nature's Lab Turmeric Extract with Curcumin C3 and BioPerine, 60 capsules

One of the biggest complaints that come with getting older is soreness and pain after physical activity. While supplements cannot completely alleviate this, they can help support joint health and possibly shorten recovery time.* Turmeric extract’s anti-inflammatory compounds lead the pack when it comes to supporting joints and ligaments.* Studies show turmeric has an ability to affect cAMP proteins which play a role in the body’s pain and inflammation response.* Many studies show turmeric can positively affect swelling in the joints.* For any active man, turmeric is a great addition to your wellness routine.*

Zinc and Men's Health

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Zinc often gets unfairly overlooked in discussions about supplements that support aging well, but it's a valuable nutrient that we can’t create in our bodies. It is an essential mineral that supports our ability to fight off illnesses and various pathogens.* Recent research has discovered that zinc is critical to our metabolism by influencing how efficiently we process sugar and fats.* One study showed a decrease in BMI for overweight individuals after receiving zinc supplementation for 4 weeks.* There are different forms of zinc on the market. Zinc Picolinate is a highly bioavailable form of zinc that is easily absorbed in the digestive tract.* Learn more about the importance of zinc.

Men in their fifties work hard and play hard, staying focused on their careers and of course their families. By keeping your nutrition optimal, you can contribute to a better sense of health and well-being.*

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