The Nature's Lab Difference

The Nature's Lab Difference

Nature’s Lab is a vitamin and supplement company that endeavors to truly make a difference in the lives of our customers by producing the best quality products possible. Our founder, Wayne Gorsek, began his journey toward wellness in his youth. One day his grandfather received a life-changing medical diagnosis. As both of his grandparents began to age, their health declined rapidly. These circumstances caused him to become passionate about finding out more about how nutrition affects our health.

“Both grandparents that adopted and raised me developed major health issues related to aging in their 70’s. I found thousands of studies in medical journals indicating healthy foods, vitamins, minerals and herbs that would benefit them. I found they did help improve their mood, energy, immunity and joint function but only when given at levels far higher than typical multivitamins. Plus, many of the best nutrients were missing entirely like Coenzyme Q10!”

After founding VitaCost in 1994 and building it into one of the top vitamin companies in the world, Wayne briefly retired in 2010. In 2011 he invested 40 million in the best facilities and equipment to start his new company, Dr. Vita, the makers of Nature’s Lab supplements. 

Nature’s Lab utilizes some of the most sophisticated machinery in the business to test for potency, purity identity and effectiveness. We source raw materials for our supplements from all over the world, but whenever possible we prioritize sourcing from the United States.

Jumpstart Your Wellness With Nature's Lab

Wayne Gorsek compiled the founders kit as a great way to get all around nutrition in one convenient bundle. Featuring some of our best selling products, the Founder’s Kit Includes Nature's Lab Six Daily Advanced Multivitamin, Nature's Lab Hyaluronic Acid with BioCell Collagen + MSM, Nature's Lab Triple Strength Omega-3 Fish Oil with EPA & DHA and Nature's Lab Turmeric Extract with Curcumin C3 + BioPerine 1,000 mg. The Six Daily multivitamin is your nutritional foundation, providing over 90 vitamins, minerals and antioxidants. The fish oil supplement provides essential omega-3 fatty acids which the body cannot make on its own and are often lacking from the American diet.* The hyaluronic acid supplement restores the building blocks of joints and skin with BioCell collagen and nourishing hyaluronic acid.* Turmeric is a natural inflammation fighter which can be beneficial for not only joint health but the digestive system.*

Wayne uses many of Nature’s Lab’s products and has seen how much they have benefited him personally. In addition to the Founder’s Kit, his latest must-have supplement is Nature's Lab Gold Turmeric + Joint Complex. With hyaluronic acid, MSM, chondroitin sulfate and BioCell Collagen, this supplement is a powerful blend of anti-inflammation ingredients that support skin elasticity, strong joints and healthy connective tissue.*

“I turned 55 a few days ago and feel better versus age 16; more energy, better mood, better immunity, and the same waist size! I can even ride a horse for 4 hours in the mountains with no soreness! True story, I ran out of our newest supplement for 3 days and my knees started hurting today! I got more from my warehouse and will start taking it again today!” 

What Makes a Quality Supplement Company?

The four pillars of Nature's Lab- Quality, Potency, Purity and Scientific Formulas are an integral part of every single product we make.

Quality: We manufacture supplements in the USA at our state-of-the-art cGMP facility in Nevada. Our supplements do not contain harmful fillers or unnecessary additives like artificial colors and artificial flavorings. You can feel confident in our ingredients which are globally sourced from premium suppliers with a proven track record.

Potency: We are a USP-audited facility. This third party auditing ensures that our valued customers receive exactly what is stated on the label. Our lab provides quality checks for all produced supplements including identity, purity, bioavailability and disintegration tests to make sure they dissolve properly within the digestive tract.

Purity: All raw materials must first be quarantined and inspected thoroughly before they can be used in any of our products. We verify all certificates for authenticity as well as test materials for lead, mercury, harmful microorganisms and other potential contaminants.

Scientific Formulas: Our team of scientists work onsite to develop cutting edge formulas. Our goal is to provide the most effective supplement dosage based on the latest scientific studies.

Where Can I Find the Best Supplements?

Many supplement companies skimp on certifications and don’t submit to third party testing, but we strive to meet these standards and continually look for ways to enhance the quality of our products. We do all of this while implementing sustainability practices such as using How2Recycle labeling on bottles when possible and recycling all plastic and cardboard waste at our Nevada facility. If you are looking for a supplement company you can trust, look no further than Nature’s Lab.