DIY Eucalyptus Peppermint Foot Soak

DIY Eucalyptus Peppermint Foot Soak

Who doesn't love incorporating some self-care time at the end of a long day? While a relaxing bath might be the ideal way to unwind (try our DIY Layered Milk Bath Mason Jar recipe here), sometimes we find ourselves a little pressed for time. That's where a foot soak comes in handy! This quick yet effective soak is a great way to soothe tired feet and relax. Eucalyptus and peppermint essential oils both work to cleanse and refresh, while sea salts and epsom salt works to hydrate, restore and leave skin soft and smoothe. Your feet will thank you for it!

What You'll Need

  • 1/3 cup pink Himalayan salt
  • 1/3 cup Mediterranean Sea Salt (optional: exclude and double the Himalayan salt if you can't find Mediterranean Sea Salt)
  • 1/3 cup Epsom salt
  • 6 drops Paradise Springs Organic Eucalyptus Essential Oil
  • 6 drops Paradise Springs Peppermint Essential Oil
  • Mason jar for storing

How to Make

Combine the salts in a large mixing bowl and stir to combine. Gradually add the essential oils, adjusting to desired strength and consistency. We love eucalyptus and peppermint, but you can add your favorite essential oils from Paradise Springs (like Lavender Oil for relaxation or Sweet Orange Oil for a morning boost). Store in a mason jar and seal tightly.

Use & Storage

To use, add 2-3 tablespoons of salts to a basin of hot, ankle-deep bathwater, testing to ensure the water is a safe temperature. Soak tired feet at the end of a long day and enjoy. Store in a cool, dry place in an airtight jar.


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