DIY Recipes: Refresher Kit

DIY Recipes: Refresher Kit

The Paradise Springs Refresher Kit is packed with rich, woody, sweet, and herbaceous essential oils perfect for Summer. Check out some of our favorite DIY recipes incorporating these essential oils to help you feel revitalized and energized (in both mind and body) all Summer long.

Ginger Oil Revitalizing Muscle Salve

Paradise Springs Ginger Oil

This aromatic salve is sure to revitalize sore muscles. We combine cayenne pepper with Ginger Essential Oil to help promote blood flow and healthy inflammatory response.* Those these herbs are widely known for being of the spicy variety, this salve should provide just enough heat to soothe muscles without being hot on the skin.

What You’ll Need:

To Make: In a double boiler, simmer the almond oil and cayenne pepper over very low heat (alternately you can use a heat safe bowl placed in a pan of water). Simmer on low for about 15 minutes, and run mixture through a strainer or cheesecloth to remove any excess cayenne pepper and return to double boiler. Add the beeswax to the mixture and remove from heat once melted. Add the ginger essential oil and pour into storage tins (this should yield about 2 ounces).

To Use: Rub a small amount of salve between fingers and massage into sore muscles to revitalize and rejuvenate. Be sure to wash hands thoroughly after use and avoid contact with face and eyes.

Grounding Sage and Blackberry Sugar Scrub

Paradise Springs Sage Oil

This moisturizing sugar scrub will help exfoliate skin and create an even complexion. We use grounding Sage Essential Oil to uplift the mind as well as blackberries for smooth, hydrated skin. Treat yourself to a spa-like experience at home, or make this scrub for friends or family for an easy and delicious-smelling gift idea.

What You’ll Need:

To Make: Combine ingredients into a food processor and process until smooth. If a food processor is not available simply mash the mixture in a bowl until smooth. Adjust the amount of sugar to reach desired consistency.

To Use: Wet skin and scrub gently with mixture. Rinse with warm water. Pat dry. Store leftover scrub in a sealed glass jar at room temperature for up to 1 week.

Uplifting Sweet Orange Oil Furniture Polish

Paradise Springs Orange Oil

The citrus properties of Sweet Orange Oil make it an emotionally uplifting essential oil that can boost mood and help calm anxiety or stress. We bring the scent of orange throughout the home with this natural furniture polish that will keep wood surfaces polished and moods cheerful all Summer long.

What You’ll Need:


To Make: Combine the water and distilled vinegar in a spray bottle. Add the Sweet Orange Oil, adjusting as needed until desired scent is reached.

To Use: Spray on wood surfaces and wipe clean with a microfiber cloth. If using a plastic spray bottle, use mixture within approximately one week. To store mixture longer, try using a glass spray bottle.