Inside the Lab With Kevin Kang, Lab Manager

Inside the Lab With Kevin Kang, Lab Manager

At Nature's Lab, we're committed to quality our customers can trust. Behind every supplement we manufacture is a dedicated team of experts who share that same commitment to crafting quality dietary supplements. 

In this week's blog, we go inside the lab with Kevin Kang, lab manager, who has been with Nature’ Lab since its inception. Get to know more about Kevin, his operations methods, and his dedication to creating the top-quality nutritional products.    

What can you tell us about yourself?

I am a practicing pharmacist who has 30+ years of experience in the pharmacy, pharmaceutical and dietary supplement industry. I have a deep understanding of various aspects of pharmacy and healthcare.

What can you tell us about your role?

As a lab manager, ensuring the consistency and quality of products through rigorous testing and adherence to quality control standards is a key part of my role.

I am skilled in analyzing and interpreting data generated from our laboratory experiments, drawing conclusions, and making recommendations based on results.

Which of our company values best describes you?

Integrity. I uphold strong ethical standards in my work. I align well with a value of integrity.

What vitamins do you take on a daily basis?

I take One Daily Multivitamin and Triple Strength Omega-3 Fish Oil softgels.

What's sparked your interest in your role at Nature's Lab?

I have a genuine passion for healthcare and a strong desire to contribute to improving people's health and well-being. My role in the pharmacy and dietary supplement industry allows me to make a meaningful impact on people’s lives.

What's an important project you take pride in that you’ve helped with at Nature's Lab?

My contributions to establishing robust quality control processes and ensuring the high quality of dietary supplements is a source of pride.

What changes do you envision in Nutritional Science in the next five years?

There will likely be increased interest in foods and supplements that offer specific health benefits beyond basic nutrition. Functional foods and nutraceuticals may become more targeted and science-backed.

What do you do to unwind?

Spending time in nature can be refreshing. Activities like hiking, golfing, or photography help clear my mind.

Do you take your work home? What steps do you follow to ensure a healthy work-life balance?

I don't take my work home. I identify my most important tasks and prioritize them. Focus on completing high-priority tasks during your work hours to reduce the need for extended work hours.

What three products would you suggest for a friend to incorporate into their routine?

A multivitamin supplement, antioxidants, and fish oil.

Thanks for going into the lab with us and lab manager, Kevin Kang. Join us next time for future interviews that take you behind-the-scenes at Nature’s Lab.