There's Only One, One Daily Multivitamin

There's Only One, One Daily Multivitamin

One Daily Multivitamin is consistently one of the best selling supplements on our site. The quality of One Daily Multivitamin is the reason so many repeatedly choose our formula for their multivitamin. Many multivitamin brands often include a high amount of ingredients with no nutritional value. Instead of developing a multivitamin with few active ingredients One Daily features more than 30 premium nutrients from Alpha Lipoic Acid to Zinc.

Building a Better Multivitamin

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Multivitamins are for enhancing health, so it only makes sense to include as many healthy ingredients as possible. However, some multivitamin companies use synthetic colors such as Yellow 6 Lake. This particular synthetic color is created with the use of aluminum and petroleum. You won’t find any such synthetic colors in One Daily. In addition, One Daily Multivitamin is free of talc, titanium dioxide, polyethylene glycol, polyvinyl alcohol, cornstarch and other nutritionally empty ingredients that are all too common in many multivitamin products.

Superior Delivery Form

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The form of your multivitamin matters. One Daily uses a capsule system because it reduces the need for heavy binders which are required for tablet forms. Tablets do not always break down as efficiently as capsules within the digestive tract. Plus, unlike gummy vitamins, there’s no need for sweeteners and additional ingredients that don’t add to the nutrition profile.

Bioavailable Nutrients

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There are many different forms of certain vitamins and minerals including vitamin C, vitamin B-12 and selenium among others. Simply including a nutrient in a formula does not mean it will make its way into your system. There are certain steps manufacturers can take to increase the bioavailability of nutrients and the likelihood that they will be absorbed within your digestive tract.

For One Daily Multivitamin, we opted to use methylcobalamin for vitamin B-12 since it has a higher rate of absorption than similar forms of vitamin B-12.* In the same manner, One Daily also includes branded forms of the minerals zinc and selenium. L-OptiZinc® combines zinc with the amino acid l-methionine to enhance absorption more than 21% over that of zinc oxide alone. L-OptiZinc® also provides greater retention in the body than most forms of this mineral.* This formula includes three forms of zinc, zinc oxide, L-OptiZinc® and zinc carnosine, to provide 136% of your daily value of zinc. Another essential mineral, Selenium SeLECT®, is a form of selenium that studies have shown significantly increases selenium plasma serum levels after supplementation.* We also added BioPerine® black pepper extract, a nutrient which increases absorption of various multivitamin ingredients.*

Extensive Nutrient Profile

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We don’t believe in skimping when it comes to giving you the most comprehensive nutrition possible in one capsule. As growing research shows the importance of not only vitamin K1, but vitamin K2, our formula for One Daily includes 250% of the daily value for Vitamin K and also 10 mcg of Vitamin K2. Vitamin K2 is important for proper calcium absorption and strong bones. While many multivitamins simply cover the main essential vitamins and minerals, One Daily also includes beneficial antioxidants such as Alpha Lipoic Acid, Turmeric, CoQ10 and Resveratrol. One Daily is one of the few multivitamins that supports digestive health with the inclusion of a fermented prebiotic superfood complex. Prebiotics encourage a healthy gut which we are increasingly learning affects everything from our mood to absorption of nutrients.*

Effective Amounts

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It not only matters what’s in a multivitamin, but how much. One Daily includes 100 mg of CoQ10 which promotes mitochondrial function, energy and heart health.* Vitamin D as bioavailable vitamin D3 is added to this formula in the amount of 4,000 IU. This is above the minimum daily value, but the most recent scientific research shows that 4,000 IU of vitamin D3 is well tolerated and magnifies the benefits of vitamin D.*

With the recent headlines on multivitamin use being associated with better cognitive health, it doesn’t hurt to invest in a high quality multivitamin.* With One Daily Multivitamin, one capsule per day helps you cover nutritional gaps, supports your wellness and boosts energy so you can feel your very best.*

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