Using Essential Oils on Pressure Points

Using Essential Oils on Pressure Points

If you’re familiar with essential oils, you know they have an endless variety of uses. One use that we love here at Paradise Springs is simply diluting them with a carrier oil and using them as a convenient roll-on on for pressure points. What are pressure points, and what’s a roll-on essential oil? This blog takes a look so you can apply your favorite Paradise Springs Essential Oils to various pressure points for therapeutic benefits.

What's a Roll-On Essential Oil?

Essential oil roll-ons are a convenient way to take your favorite Paradise Springs Essential Oil with you on the go. While we already offer our relaxing Lavender Roll-On, you can turn any essential oil into a roll-on oil to target anything from stress relief to nausea (try Peppermint) to focus (try Rosemary) and so much more. To do this, simply mix a few drops of your favorite Paradise Springs Essential Oil with a carrier oil, such as Jojoba Oil.


The Importance of a Carrier Oil

carrier oil acts as a neutral base to “carry” concentrated essential oils, making it safe for application to the skin. Because essential oils evaporate quickly and are concentrated, they can cause irritation if applied directly (undiluted). Carrier oils allow you to enjoy the therapeutic benefits of essential oils safely and to your desired concentration without compromising the essential oil’s properties. Try Paradise Springs Jojoba Oil.


Roll-Ons for Pressure Points

Once diluted, essential oils (such as our organic Lavender Roll-On) are safe to apply to pressure points. In acupressure, pressure points are thought to be powerfully sensitive parts of the body that can help with wellness, such as temples, bottoms of the feet and more. Try applying the Paradise Springs Lavender Roll-On to the following pressure points for therapeutic wellness:
Bottom of the Feet
The feet contain some of the largest pores in the body, which means they can easily absorb essential oils through the skin, where they can quickly make their way into the blood stream to experience their benefits faster. Try applying the Paradise Springs Organic Lavender Roll-On to the bottoms of the feet, then apply pressure to various points on the feet by pressing and massaging gently to experience relief faster.
Behind the Ears

The skin behind the ears is more absorbent compared to other surface points across the body, making it easier for essential oils to permeate the layers of skin for fast relief. The mastoid pressure point can also be found behind the ear. Try applying your favorite roll-on along the backs of the ears, then take your index fingers up and down to apply pressure and massage gently for relief from pressure and swelling.

On the Temples
Your temples are located on the side of the head, just between the forehead and ears. This pressure point is most commonly known for headache and tension relief, and many people will massage temples to ease pain associated with tension. Before massaging temples for pressure relief, try applying your roll-on first. The temporal artery is close to the skin’s surface, helping the oils cross into the bloodstream faster for quick, therapeutic benefits.

On the Wrists
Another great pressure point is the inner wrist. This pressure point, like the temples, acts as a pulse point, because your radial artery can be found here, allowing the oils to cross into the bloodstream faster. Apply your roll-on to the wrists, then massage gently with your thumb or rub wrists together. Additionally, the wrists make a great application point to use essential oils as a natural perfume for aromatherapy benefits.


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