Does Zinc Increase Testosterone?

Does Zinc Increase Testosterone?

Zinc plays an important role in the function of certain organs. But can it also increase testosterone levels? Keep reading find out the benefits of zinc picolinate and how it relates to testosterone.

What Does Zinc Do For My Body?

In addition to your antibody response, zinc plays an important role in the function of certain organs. Zinc intake helps to maintain health and may also increase your testosterone level.

Are Zinc and Testosterone Related?

Zinc is an important part of the male reproductive system and the endocrine system, which is the messenger system that regulates hormones, specifically testosterone. There is a strong link between zinc and testosterone, as shown in the studies.  In one study, it was considered to be an essential element of male fertility, specifically in sperm production. In particular, zinc's role in the endocrine system regulating sex hormones makes it a hormone balancer.

Does Zinc Boost Testosterone?

In a study from 1996, a significant decrease in testosterone levels was observed in the blood of men who had a reduced dietary intake of zinc. Experts recommend supplementing zinc to boost those testosterone levels back to normal.

How to Boost Testosterone

Testosterone levels can be boosted in a variety of ways including diet, daily habits, lifestyle changes and supplements. 

  • Foods and Dietary Testosterone Boosters

Research shows that protein sources, dairy products, and oils can be natural testosterone boosters. When consumed as part of a balanced diet food sources such as oysters, tuna, coconut, olive oil, milk, honey, eggs and even garlic may all increase testosterone levels.

  •  Supplements

One clinical study found that men taking a combination of zinc and magnesium with vitamin B6 had an increased free testosterone level after 8 weeks. In another study, researchers found that older men with marginal zinc deficiency were able to double their levels of testosterone when taking a daily zinc supplement for six months.

Benefits of Nature’s Lab Zinc Picolinate

Nature’s Lab Zinc Picolinate utilizes a form of zinc that is more bioavailable than many other forms of supplemental zinc. It’s formulated with 50 mg of bioavailable zinc per capsule and includes picolinic acid, a natural chelator, to help facilitate the mineral’s absorption.*


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