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This fun article pairs essential oils with astrological signs. Harness your strengths with aromatherapy* and discover your zodiac sign's essential oil!
Magnesium is a key chemical element in the body that is essential for energy production, heart health, muscle and nerve function, bone health, and much more.*  Learn more about this important mineral.
Paradise Springs Organic Sage Essential Oil can help stimulate the mind and may ease mental fatigue and stress brought on by heat and long summer days.* Try to DIY Summer recipe!
Many average turmeric powders naturally have low levels of curcumin content, often between 2-15%. Therefore, if you want to maximize the health benefits of turmeric, paying close attention to the amount of curcumin in the turmeric you buy is very important.
Along with a healthy diet and lifestyle, health supplements may help focus, sharpen, and sustain brain health.* Check out three of our top-selling supplements for brain health.*
The term "Superfood" gets thrown around a lot, but what does it really mean? This article defines superfoods and takes a look at some of the top superfood supplements.
What is the paleo diet? How does it work? Read this blog to learn more.
Quality has always been at the forefront of the DrVita story. From the day we opened our doors in Las Vegas in 2011, DrVita has prioritized high-quality, high-potency products over all else. Learn more...

This sweet yet light body wash is an easy way to rejuvenate the skin while leaving it moisturized and smooth. Keep reading for this easy DIY recipe featuring Paradise Springs Essential Oils.