Wayne Gorsek

Time in Industry: 30 years
Focus: Executive Leadership
Fun Fact: I am an investor, a pilot, and I’ve founded two successful supplement companies.

Wayne Gorsek
Founder, Chairman & CEO

John Zuberbuehler

Time in Industry: 29 years in finance/accounting
Focus: Executive Leadership, Finance
Fun Fact: I am a Veteran (US Navy), I enjoy adventure travel & woodworking.

John Zuberbuehler
Chief Financial Officer

Lee M. Scwalben, M.D., J.D.

Dr. Schwalben was born and raised in New York City. He obtained his undergraduate degree at Vassar College in Poughkeepsie, NY and attended medical school at SUNY-Downstate where he earned his MD. He is board-certified in Internal Medicine.

Lee M. Scwalben, M.D., J.D.
Chief Science Officer

Kevin Kang


"High quality testing in our in-house lab will always ensure the highest quality products for our consumers"

— Kevin Kang

Lab Manager

Quality People = Quality Products

Josh Minnick

Time in Industry: 20 years
Focus: Bringing clarity and education to empower consumer health, Exceeding consumer and customer expectations, New product development.
Fun Fact: I was a child actor.

Josh Minnick
VP of Sales

Time in Industry: 24 years (Finance/Accounting)
Focus: Plant operational leadership.
Fun Fact: Hobbies include motorcyle riding, hunting and fishing.

Jim Smith
VP of Operations

Time in Industry: 16 years
Focus: HR compliance, employee engagement & company culture.
Fun Fact: I enjoy outdoor adventures and volunteering in the community.

Nancy Vargas
Director of Human Resources

John Grady

Time in Industry: 8 years
Focus: Research, design and evaluation of materials, formulations, and R&D processes.
Fun Fact: I love hiking, camping and all things outdoors.

John Grady
R&D Manager

Time in Industry: 6 years
Focus: To locate the highest quality materials to help our customers live a happy & healthy life!
Fun Fact: I was a CASA (Court Appointed Special Advocate) in the Los Angeles Area.

Jamie Ruiz
Purchasing & Planning Manager

Our Focus Is On Health

Yolanda Vizcarra


"I take our Six Daily Multivitamin every single day."

Yolanda Vizcarra


Thelma Mojica

Time in Industry: 9 years
Focus: Account management, bid quote generation, customer relations & communication.
Fun Fact: I am a dog lover.

Thelma Mojica
Account Manager

Time in Industry: 12 years
Focus: Account management, customer service and retaining new accounts.
Fun Fact: I love country music.

Andre Turville
Account Manager

Alyssa Nance

Time in Industry: 7 years
Focus: Graphic Design, Social Media and product packaging creation.
Fun Fact: I practice aerial acrobatics in my spare time.

Alyssa Nance

Senior Graphic Designer