What is DIM and What are its Benefits?

What is DIM and What are its Benefits?

There’s a lot of hype surrounding a plant metabolite called diindolylmethane, also known as DIM for short. DIM has gained attention recently due to eye-opening studies showing its potential to benefit health. DIM may help support healthy hormone balance, weight management and immune system function. 

What is DIM?

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DIM (diindolylmethane) is a natural compound that is formed when we eat certain foods. Our digestive system breaks down a plant substance called indole-3-carbinol which is most often found in cruciferous types of vegetables. This includes kale, brussel sprouts, broccoli and cauliflower. When we ingest these vegetables, our bodies convert indole-3-carbinol into DIM.

DIM and Healthy Hormone Balance*

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Research on DIM has shown a positive effect on balancing estrogen for men and women.* Men have lower amounts of estrogen than women, yet estrogen has a very important purpose in men’s bodies. It plays a role in the development of muscle, bone density, mood, metabolism and other important bodily functions.* For women, estrogen influences countless processes including bone density, fertility and mood.* Studies suggest DIM may affect less advantageous forms of estrogen such as 16-hydroxy estrogen metabolites and support the formation 2-hydroxy estrogen metabolites.* Having an excess amount of estrogen can throw off hormonal balance and lead to negative effects on health as well as mood.*

DIM Supports the Immune System*

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DIM may have antioxidant properties which can aid immune system function.* Antioxidants are key in helping our body manage the onslaught of exposure to inflammatory molecules that we experience on a daily basis from pollution and other environmental factors.* DIM may help neutralize the activity of some free radicals which can damage our body’s cells.* This is one way in which DIM supports the immune system; by helping the body’s response to inflammation.*

How DIM Promotes Weight Management*

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It’s believed that DIM’s influence on inflammation and hormone balance can support weight management. Imbalanced estrogen can lead to excess weight gain in some individuals.* Excess estrogen or too low estrogen can make it more difficult for the body to use glucose or sugar as fuel, leading to weight gain.* Inflammation similarly affects the body by impairing how well it processes sugar for energy. Addressing these two issues, hormone balance and inflammation can support efforts toward weight management.* Of course, taking DIM cannot replace a proper diet and exercise, but it is a helpful tool that may support these goals.* If you’re interested in supplementing with diindolylmethane, Nature’s Lab DIM provides 300 mg of DIM in one capsule plus 5 mg of black pepper extract to facilitate better absorption.* 

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