Nature’s Lab Founder`s Immunity Kit

Nature’s Lab Founder`s Immunity Kit
Nature’s Lab Founder`s Immunity Kit
Nature’s Lab Founder`s Immunity Kit
Nature’s Lab Founder`s Immunity Kit
Nature’s Lab Founder`s Immunity Kit
Nature’s Lab Founder`s Immunity Kit
Nature’s Lab Founder`s Immunity Kit
Nature’s Lab Founder`s Immunity Kit
Nature’s Lab Founder`s Immunity Kit
Nature’s Lab Founder`s Immunity Kit
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We have put together a trio of products designed to supplement your diet, exercise and rest routine year round. The bedrock of this kit is Nature's Lab One Daily Multivitamin. 

Nature's Lab One Daily Multivitamin is a convenient, easy-to-take comprehensive daily multivitamin that combines 21 essential vitamins and minerals with added antioxidant nutrients. Nature’s Lab One Daily is a premium product that features effective levels and forms of potent, high quality ingredients to provide real benefits for your health.*


Nature's Lab One Daily Multivitamin - 60 Capsules

Nature's Lab One Daily Multivitamin 

is a high potency multivitamin with 21 essential vitamins and minerals plus powerful antioxidants such as green tea, resveratrol, CoQ10, and more.*  Nature's Lab One Daily Multivitamin promotes energy production, metabolism, cell growth and skin and eye heath.* Other benefits include immune system support and the promotion of healthy blood sugar and cholesterol levels.* 

Nature's Lab One Daily Multivitamin includes 100% or more of the Daily Value (%DV) for 19 of the 21 essential vitamins and minerals provided. For many nutrients, levels are above the minimum recommended to provide maximum nutritive benefits based on the latest science. This includes ten times as much Vitamin D, five times as much Vitamin B1, Vitamin B2, and Vitamin B6, plus 25 times as much Vitamin B12 as a typical multivitamin, with optimal levels backed by numerous studies.

Energy Production and Cell Growth: Vitamin B Complex, Alpha lipoic acid, and CoQ10 work together to create and sustain energy at a cellular level in the heart, muscle, and brain.2 The Vitamin B12 is derived from the highest quality Methylcobalamin to ensure optimum cellular absorbition.*3

Immune System Support: Nature's Lab One Daily Multivitamin combines effective dosages of L-OptiZinc® and Selenium SeLECT® along with Vitamins C, D, and E to help boost and support a healthy immune system.*4


Nature's Lab Super Vitamin C

Nature's Lab Super Vitamin C 1000 mg

is the most comprehensive, powerful form of vitamin C on the market right now. It uses calcium ascorbate complex, a source of vitamin C that is non-acidic and gentle on the stomach compared to other forms like L-ascorbic acid or crystalline salts. Nature's Lab-Super Vitamin C provides 200 mg of quercetin and 200 mg of citrus bioflavonoids per serving. Quercetin and citrus bioflavonoids are flavonols that occur naturally in certain fruits and vegetables. These powerful antioxidants may contribute to good health through their ability to neutralize free radicals and help support a healthy inflammation response.* Comes in small vegetarian capsules that are easier to swallow and digest than traditional tablet delivery forms. Nature's Lab-Super Vitamin C 1000 mg is free of artificial ingredients and preservatives.

Vitamin C plays an important role in supporting your body’s tissues and systems, including skeletal, circulatory, and cardiovascular. Studies have concluded that vitamin C contributes to healthy immune function, mood, vision, healthy inflammatory response.*

Quercetin is a natural antioxidant that belongs to a class of water-soluble plant substances called flavonoids. Scientific studies suggest that quercetin-rich foods (such as apples, blueberries, red grapes, and red onions) may prevent histamine release.* To get the 200 mg of quercetin contained in Nature's Lab-Super Vitamin C 1000 mg, you would need 40 servings of blueberries- that's 3,200 calories! This ingredient is made using Sophora japonica (Japanese pagoda tree buds).



Nature's Lab Turmeric Extract with Curcumin C3 and BioPerine - 120 capsules

Nature's Lab Turmeric Extract

(Curcuma longa) acts as an antioxidant and an anti-inflammatory.* It reduces the production of inflammatory molecules, such as prostaglandin and COX-2.* In recent clinical studies, the anti-inflammatory action of turmeric was successful in promoting inflammation support.* Another controlled trial found that when turmeric was taken daily, it decreased the swelling of joints.*

American and Danish scientists have found Curcumin increases levels of a protein called CAMP that helps the immune system to fight off bacteria and fungi the first time they try to attack.*

Supporting a healthy digestive system, turmeric is anti-inflammatory to the mucous membranes, which coat the throat, lungs, stomach, and intestines. Turmeric decreases congestion and inflammation from stagnant mucous membranes, which in turn benefits the digestive system.*

Turmeric shares similar liver protectant compounds that milk thistle and artichoke leaves contain. This has been shown to support liver health.*

The organic ingredients found in turmeric can help promote healthy skin.* Curcuminoids support important blood and liver functions, healthy joints, and overall well-being,* which in turn may help promote radiant, supple skin.* Studies have shown that turmeric can also be effective at reducing skin elasticity issues.*