Detox 101

Detox 101

The human body has the wonderful ability to detox naturally. From complex systems such as the lymphatic system to organs like kidneys, liver, and even the skin, the body is always working in its natural way to cleanse and rid the body of toxins. But sometimes we need a bit of a reset. Continue reading for our top tips on how to detox naturally.

Do I Need a Detox?

With plenty of toxins and stressors in the environment, we may feel we need a reset at one point or another. Given the current situation with most of us staying home and practicing our social distancing, we may find that our physical and mental wellbeing has gone to the wayside. The first step to determining if your body needs a detox is to listen to it. Feelings of mental fog, fatigue, and even an insatiable sweet tooth may be signs that your body needs a reset. Look out for symptoms such as:

  • Unexplained fatigue
  • Irregular bowels
  • Skin irritations
  • Bloating
  • Menstrual complications
  • Mental fog
  • Puffy eyes
  • New allergies

How to Detox Naturally  

The idea of detoxing is everywhere in the wellness world. There are hundreds of ways to cleanse and reset, from juice cleanses to fasting to particular diets and more. However, we believe that detoxing is simply incorporating healthy choices into our daily routines. We like to detox and reset with these easy steps that can work as an intense, regimented week of detoxing as well as healthy detox-promoting swaps long-term.

Add More Healthy Foods into Your Diet
When many people think of detoxing, they think of eliminating unhealthy foods and restricting intake. Yes, eliminating unhealthy foods is a huge part of a detox, but we believe in replacing those unhealthy foods with healthy plant foods to aid in alleviating that stuffed feeling from overeating/drinking. Try incorporating veggies and fruits to stimulate the body’s natural detox systems, and eat more plant-based proteins while limiting animal protein sources. Also, we understand that in our current economic situation certain healthy vegetables and fruits may not be readily available. Try not to stress if the particular item you’re looking to incorporate into your regimen isn’t available, and instead substitute it with another veggie or fruit. There are still plenty of healthy options! 

Eat in Moderation
Many of us eat at certain times out of habit, not because we are truly hungry. And with most of us staying at home in these times we may find ourselves eating out of boredom. Try tuning into your hunger and satiety cues and eat only when you’re hungry. Start your day off with a large glass of water, and wait until you’re hungry to eat breakfast. Simply eating when hungry and stopping when comfortably full can help the body run smoothly and prevent it from accumulating too many toxins.

Drink Plenty of Water
Drinking plenty of water daily can help keep organs functioning smoothly to aid with the body’s natural detox process. For example, the kidneys play a large part in eliminating toxins, so it’s important to keep them running smoothly by staying hydrated. Try carrying around a large water bottle, and aim to drink half of your weight in ounces (for example, a 140 pound individual should aim to drink 70 ounces of water daily). Additional benefits of staying hydrated include healthy-looking skin and hair and feelings of satiety, which may aid with weight loss goals. We love including a few tablespoons of Nature's Lab Organic Chia Seeds for a filling, fiber-packed addition to water.

Eliminate or Reduce Sugary Foods
Foods and beverages containing refined or added sugars tend to be low-nutrient and may lead to inflammation. Limit exposure to these low-nutrient foods and beverages (such as chips, cookies, pastries and more) and replace them with more nutrient-dense food to give you energy and leave you satiated longer. Try veggie slices with hummus, fruit with nut butters, trail mix, seeds, berries or a healthy smoothie (try adding Nature's Lab Organic Turmeric Powder to support inflammatory health!*) instead.

Limit Caffeine, Alcohol, and Sugary Beverages
More than 90% of alcohol is metabolized in the liver, an important organ that helps remove toxins from the body. Excess alcohol can negatively impact liver function, so it’s important to reduce or eliminate alcohol intake during a detox. Additionally, alcohol and sugary beverages are filled with empty calories, and sugar and caffeine can negatively impact inflammatory health. Instead replace these drinks with water, green tea, and refreshing lemon water to stay hydrated and keep detox systems running smoothly, and try Nature's Lab Milk Thistle to support healthy liver function.* If you do find yourself needing to unwind with a drink after a long day during these stressful times, opt for a glass of red wine, which may promote heart health health due to an important flavonoid (plant compound) called resveratrol. Remember to limit your serving to one five ounce glass.

Aim for 30 Minutes of Exercise a Day
Regular exercise can help keep the body’s systems moving and detoxing. Moving the body causes you to sweat (another way to eliminate toxins from the inside out!) and forces your circulatory system to work harder to detox naturally. Exercise may also improve digestion and promote healthy sleep. Aim for 30 minutes of exercise daily and stay active. If you're having trouble knowing where to start, try going for a walk around the neighborhood (just remember to keep a distance of 6 feet from any neighbors you may pass by) to keep the body moving. To help give workout routines an energizing boost, try Nature's Lab Green Tea Extract or add Nature's Lab Organic Maca Root Powder to your favorite nutritional shake for additional endurance.*

Avoid Snacking After Dinner
Eating too close to bedtime can cause indigestion and trouble sleeping, both of which are important to various detox processes. Once you’ve had your evening meal, try to give your digestive system a rest for least 12 hours. This may lead to improved digestion and improved sleep, both of which are important to natural detox processes.

Aim for 8 Hours of Quality Sleep Nightly
Sleep is a vital component of health and wellness, and the importance of a full-night’s sleep is often overlooked. Quality sleep is important to concentration, productivity, cognition, and even weight and immune management. Aim for 8 hours of quality sleep nightly to allow the body time to properly repair cells. Try to keep on a healthy sleep schedule during weekends and weekdays alike to encourage healthy sleep habits through these uncertain times. Check out Nature's Lab Valerian Root to promote restful sleep and relaxation.*

Make Some Time for Self-Care
Not only is it important to detox physically, but supporting mental wellness is another important aspect of detoxing. De-stress with your favorite hobby, a relaxing bath, a refreshing face mask or some calming meditation. Keeping your mind and emotions healthy is just as important as your physical wellbeing. We love incorporating Paradise Springs Essential Oils into DIY beauty and self-care recipes.

Supplements to Support Your Detox Journey

In addition to incorporating healthy lifestyle and food choices into your detox, it’s important to take supplements to help support your body’s natural detox systems. We’ve gathered our favorite supplements that support a myriad of detox functions such as liver health, antioxidant health, inflammatory health, digestive health and more so you can select those best suited to your wellness regimen. Click here to shop our curated selection of detox supplements. 

This article is for informational purposes only. It is not, nor is it intended to be, a substitute for professional medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment and should never be relied upon for specific medical advice. The views cited do not necessarily represent the views of DrVita or its affiliated brands.