Detox 101

Detox 101

We all feel we need a reset at one point or another, and what better time than Spring? While the body has the ability to detox naturally, different environmental factors, toxins, stressors and other natural aspects of life may leave us feeling like we need a bit of a boost. This blog contains our top tips and favorite supplements to help the body's various detox systems.*

Lifestyle Tips to Detox Naturally

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The idea of detoxing is everywhere in the wellness world. There are hundreds of ways to cleanse and reset, from juice cleanses to fasting and more. Our body is constantly running its own detoxification system to clear out toxins from the environment and what we take in. Our detox system includes the lungs, kidneys, liver, the skin, and the digestive system. The skin helps detox by excreting toxins through sweat, while our digestive system produces solid waste. Kidneys filter toxins from the blood so they can be removed through urine. The lungs remove carbon dioxide waste each time you exhale. The liver provides several detox functions, some of which include converting toxins into water-soluble forms that are easily eliminated within the urine and producing the antioxidant glutathione. To help your body function at its best, add in more healthy choices to your daily routine.

Add Sulfur-Rich Foods to Your Diet

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When many people think of detoxing, they think of eliminating unhealthy foods and restricting intake. We also believe in replacing those unhealthy choices with healthier options. Of course, any plant-based food is going to be your best bet for not just detox but overall health. To support your body’s detox process try sulfur-rich foods like broccoli, garlic, kale, chickpeas, cabbage, eggs, almonds, walnuts and sesame seeds. Sulfur is a powerful mineral for scavenging free radicals.You may already be familiar with sulfur’s benefits as it is present in many joint health supplements as MSM (methylsulfonylmethane). Sulfur, along with the amino acids cysteine, glutamic acid, and glycine are used to promote the synthesis of the body’s master antioxidant, glutathione. Glutathione is created in the liver and is one of the top methods the body uses for removing harmful toxins.

Eliminate or Reduce Sugary Foods

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Foods containing refined or added sugars tend to be low-nutrient and may lead to oxidation that causes damage in the cells.* Limit exposure to low-nutrient foods such as chips, cookies, pastries or soda and replace them with more nutrient-dense options to provide energy and leave you feeling full and satiated longer.* Try veggie slices with hummus, fruit with nut butters, trail mix, seeds, berries or a healthy smoothie instead.

Drink Plenty of Water

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Drinking plenty of water daily can help keep organs functioning optimally to aid with the body’s natural detox process.* The kidneys play a large part in eliminating toxins, so it’s important to keep them running smoothly by staying hydrated. Try taking a large water bottle with you on-the-go, and aim to drink half of your weight in ounces daily.

Limit Caffeine and Alcohol

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More than 90% of alcohol is metabolized in the liver, an important organ that helps remove toxins from the body. Excess alcohol can adversely impact liver function, so it’s important to reduce or eliminate alcohol intake during a detox.* Additionally, alcohol and many caffeinated drinks are filled with sugar and empty calories which can negatively impact our body’s response to oxidative stress.* Instead, replace these drinks with water, green tea, and refreshing lemon water to stay hydrated. You can add a teaspoon of our Magnesium Soothe powder featuring magnesium and l-theanine to one of your water servings and create a refreshing beverage with nutritional value.

Incorporate Exercise Into Your Day

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Sweat helps regulate temperature and remove toxins from the body. With all of the health benefits of exercise, it makes sense to regularly schedule in a sweat session of your own. As little as 15 minutes of exercise a day is helpful, but a goal of 30 minutes a day will bring the most benefit. Exercise may also improve digestion and promote deeper sleep.*

Aim for 8 Hours of Sleep 

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Sleep is a vital component of health and wellness, and the importance of a full night’s sleep is often overlooked. Quality sleep is essential to concentration, productivity, cognition, and even immune health* Aim for 8 hours of quality sleep nightly to allow the body time to properly repair cells.* Try to keep on a healthy sleep schedule during weekends and weekdays alike. If you need a little nudge to doze off into dreamland, check out our collection of supplements to support a better night's rest.*

Supplements to Support Your Detox Journey

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In addition to being consistent with healthy lifestyle and food choices into your detox, supplements can also be useful in encouraging your body’s natural detox systems.* Nature's Lab Super Thistle is a comprehensive blend of herbs and antioxidants to promote healthy liver function.* This unique formula helps support natural detox functions with antioxidants like alpha lipoic acid, l-glutathione and n-acetyl cysteine (NAC). NAC supports the creation of glutathione in the body, enhancing detoxification.* Super Thistle also contains milk thistle, artichoke, dandelion and turmeric extracts. These ancient herbs have been long-regarded for their potential benefits in supporting liver health.* Milk thistle contains compounds called silymarins that may protect against oxidative damage, while artichoke extract supports healthy bile flow and lipid breakdown.* Our 14-Day Colon Cleanse is another great product to support detox. It includes liver and gut-friendly nutrients like medium chain triglycerides oil, probiotics, prebiotics and aloe vera leaf gel. With just a few tweaks to your daily routine, you can contribute to efficient detoxification within your body. 

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** Limited scientific studies support this benefit.


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