Nature's Lab Super Thistle - 120 Capsules
Nature's Lab Super Thistle - 120 Capsules
Nature's Lab Super Thistle - 120 Capsules
Nature's Lab Super Thistle - 120 Capsules
Nature's Lab Super Thistle - 120 Capsules
Nature's Lab Super Thistle - 120 Capsules
Nature's Lab Super Thistle - 120 Capsules
Nature's Lab Super Thistle - 120 Capsules
Nature's Lab Super Thistle - 120 Capsules
Nature's Lab Super Thistle - 120 Capsules

Nature's Lab Super Thistle - 120 Capsules

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Key Benefits:

  • Promotes healthy liver function.*
  • Powerful antioxidant that can help protect healthy cells from free radical damage.*
  • Standardized to 80% silymarin from milk thistle extract.
  • Standardization ensures consistent levels of the active ingredient in every dose.

Nature’s Lab Super Thistle is a comprehensive blend of milk thistle, artichoke, dandelion, and turmeric extracts, as well as antioxidants alpha lipoic acid, L-glutathione and N-Acetyl L-Cysteine. This unique formula helps support natural detox functions and liver function including bile production, secretion and release in the body.* Nature’s Lab Super Thistle also helps regulate healthy levels of glutathione- a super antioxidant that nutritionally supports healthy fat metabolism in the liver.*

Herbs for Detox and Liver Health

Milk Thistle Extract
Native to the Mediterranean but now cultivated throughout the world, milk thistle has been historically regarded for its therapeutic potential.* Silymarin, the active component of milk thistle, contains a group of compounds which work together to provide multiple health benefits including healthy liver, kidney and gallbladder function.* Silymarin may act as a “toxin blockade agent” by inhibiting the binding of toxins to liver cell membrane receptors to support liver health (the largest detoxing organ in the body) naturally.* Silymarin also acts as an antioxidant and may help reduce the production of free radicals.* The milk thistle extract in Nature’s Lab Super Thistle is standardized to 80% silymarin.

Artichoke Extract
Another popular detoxifying extract, artichokes are well-regarded for detoxing the body, particularly the liver. Like milk thistle, artichokes are a member of the thistle family. Artichoke extract works to support digestive detox and function by promoting healthy bile flow and fat digestion.* The cynarin in artichoke extract supports the overall health of the liver to promote toxin removal from the body.*

Dandelion Extract
Dandelions belong to the Taraxacum genus of flowering plants native to Eurasia and North America. This edible flower has long been used in traditional herbal medicines as a digestive and liver-supporting tonic.* The roots, stems, and flowers contain diverse phytochemicals including polyphenols, flavonols and terpenoids to support antioxidant health.* Dandelion extract also supports inflammatory health, healthy blood pressure (within normal range), liver health and general wellness to aid detox health naturally.*

Turmeric Extract
A member of the Zingiberacea family of plants, turmeric has long been used to support immune, digestive and liver health as well as a healthy inflammatory response.* Turmeric acts as an antioxidant and anti-inflammatory agent to promote general wellness and detox systems.* The turmeric root extract in Nature’s Lab Super Thistle is standardized to 95% curcuminoids, a group of bioactive compounds in turmeric, to support joint health, healthy inflammatory response, digestive health and antioxidant health.*

Antioxidants for Detox and Liver Health

Alpha Lipoic Acid
Alpha Lipoic Acid is an antioxidant made by the body. Found in every cell, its primary function is to aid in the conversion of glucose into energy.* Alpha lipoic acid may help prevent damage from free radicals and prevent harmful chemical reactions that can damage cells, organs and tissues.*

Glutathione is a molecule found naturally in the body. Produced by the liver, glutathione is made up of three amino acids (L-Cysteine, L-Glutamic Acid and Glycine). It is thought to act as an antioxidant to support healthy liver, kidney and gastrointestinal function, three of the body’s major detoxification systems.*

N-Acetyl L-Cysteine
N-Acetyl L-Cysteine (NAC) is another amino acid that supports antioxidant health and also helps replenish L-Glutathione levels.* NAC helps the body neutralize free radicals to support cellular health, antioxidant health, liver health and detoxification support by defending against damage-causing free radicals.*

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