Top Supplements for Your Health Goals

Top Supplements for Your Health Goals

Are you trying to get more sleep, manage your weight or improve your fitness? You can magnify your efforts by choosing the right supplement for your health goals. We’ll help you work smarter not harder with supplements that will help you reach your goals. Check out this week's article to learn more.

Best Supplements for Fitness

Tribulus terrestris supplement near workout gear

If you’ve embarked on a new exercise routine, or you’re already a regular gym goer, a tribulus terrestris supplement such as Tribulux Max can help you in your fitness journey. This supplement is popular among athletes and those that regularly engage in intense workouts, but the secret is out and more and more everyday people are finding out about its benefits. Some studies have shown that tribulus terrestris may enhance athletic performance and endurance.*

This may be due to its possible effect on improving free testosterone levels.* Testosterone is used in many processes, one of which is creating muscle mass. Another supplement, L-arginine, is an amino acid that promotes nitric oxide production.* By doing so, l-arginine supports better circulation and oxygen intake, both of which are needed in intense physical activity. L-arginine may also support endurance during workouts by enhancing the use of glucose as fuel.*

Silica and Collagen Beauty Benefits

Women doing beauty routine in mirror

A quick scroll on social media will often show you the latest skincare product or beauty fad that everyone declares is a must have. In reality, there are nutrients that researchers have known for some time that can positively affect appearance, such as collagen and silica. Silica is a trace mineral that helps stimulate collagen production.* Collagen is one of the most abundant proteins in the body and helps the skin keep its structure. Aging depletes collagen, leading to wrinkles and sagging skin. With silica you can enhance your own collagen production while collagen supplements directly replenish this important protein.* Silica is included in Nature’s Lab Hair, Skin & Nails. You can find collagen peptides and other skin-nourishing ingredients in our Hyaluronic Acid with BioCell Collagen® & MSM.

Get Better Sleep With The Right Supplement*

man sleeping with gentle sleep aid supplement on nightstand

Of course, you can’t reach your beauty goals without beauty sleep. Sleep is more than a passive activity; it is a time when the body is actively repairing and rejuvenating itself. In fact, one of the top contributors to markers associated with aging is poor sleep habits. Research suggests that getting less than 6 hours of sleep a night can dramatically affect cognitive health and memory. If you need a little extra nudge into dreamland, herbal supplements may be able to help. Most sleep supplements focus on increasing calming brain chemicals such as GABA. Herbs such as lemon balm and valerian root stimulate GABA production in the brain, increasing relaxation.* L-theanine has the distinction of stimulating alpha brain waves which can support a relaxed mood.* Nature’s Lab Sleep Support includes L-theanine, 5-HTP, and melatonin to help you get a better night’s rest.* We also have Melatonin fast melt tablets with l-theanine that dissolve in the mouth and taste great.

Staying Active with Turmeric

raw turmeric root powder on a table with leaves and whole turmeric root

Being active and mobile improves overall quality of life, but sometimes the body does not want to cooperate with what the mind wants to do. Stiff joints can put a damper on your day and your ability to feel productive. One supplement that can support your joints is turmeric or curcumin.* Turmeric contains curcuminoids which are of great benefit to joint health. One particular study showed less knee joint stiffness and decreased C-reactive protein, a marker of inflammation, after taking turmeric for one week.* If you want to try turmeric, Nature’s Lab has a full collection of products to choose from including our Turmeric Extract with Curcumin C3 and BioPerine. Of course, always consult your physician to address any serious underlying issues that may affect your joints.

Adapt to Stress with the Benefits of Ashwagandha*

raw ashwagandha powder and root on a wooden table

Ashwagandha is considered an adaptogenic herb because it helps the body adapt to stress.* Stress causes the endocrine system to become imbalanced, weakens the immune system and disrupts sleep cycles. Cortisol, a hormone that is produced during stress, can spike to unhealthy levels during a particularly stressful event. Ashwagandha studies show it may have a normalizing effect on the body’s systems. For participants in one study that took ashwagandha for 8 weeks, they experienced better quality sleep and reduced cortisol levels.* At Nature’s Lab we have a full line of Ashwagandha options including capsules or our loose Organic Ashwagandha Powder - 1 lb that you can use in drinks and baked goods. Nature's Lab KSM-66® Ashwagandha Extract is the same type of extract that is often used in clinical trials researching its benefits. Its patented extraction process preserves a high amount of withanolides, the plant compounds that provide most of ashwagandha’s beneficial qualities.*

Support Immune Wellness*

Mushroom 7 supplement next to bowl of mushrooms on gray wood background

Immune health is a concern that is on more people’s minds. Antioxidants and other nutrients can help your immune system function at an optimal level. Vitamin C is one of the top antioxidants for immune health because it helps to neutralize free radicals.* Zinc acts in a different way by supporting the regulation of immune cells.* In recent years, other nutrients have come into the spotlight that show benefits for immune health. Quercetin, a bioflavonoid found in fruits and vegetables, is one of the more powerful immune boosting ingredients.* Quercetin supports inflammation response and promotes respiratory health.* Mushrooms stimulate the immune system by interacting with bacteria found in the gut. This process produces metabolites that stimulate the immune system.* Nature’s Lab Mushroom 7 and Immunity Plus are ideal supplements for those looking to spend more time doing the things they love by supporting their wellness.

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