Decoding Immunity Supplements

Decoding Immunity Supplements

Zinc. Elderberry. Echinacea. There are so many different supplements out there purported to help the immune system. We go through some of the top ingredients and find out how they work to support your immune health.

Vitamin C Benefits for Immune Support*

Vitamin C rich fruits, vegetables and nuts

Vitamin C has been an immune support staple for decades. But how exactly does it work? Vitamin C’s immune-boosting mojo comes from its interaction with immune system cells.* Studies show vitamin C has the ability to accumulate within certain immune cells, enhancing their ability to guard against potentially harmful pathogens.* As immune cells go to work, they eventually get to the end of their life cycle and die off. Vitamin C helps the body remove these dead cells efficiently so that they do not cause excessive damage to surrounding tissues.* Vitamin C is also an antioxidant that scavenges free radicals which may damage cell structures. The antioxidant benefits of vitamin c also promote respiratory health.* Nature’s Lab Vitamin C 1,000 mg contains 1,000 mg in a two-capsule serving.

Vitamin D's Role in Immune Health

Nature's Lab Vitamin D3 on yellow background

Vitamin D can be made in the body with exposure to sunshine, yet still many individuals could benefit from supplementation.* Depending on your geographic location, work environment, skin melanin content and other factors, the amount of vitamin D your body creates can vary substantially.* Vitamin D3 is the form of vitamin D that is most bioavailable for absorption which is why we included it in Nature’s Lab Vitamin D3. Vitamin D has many uses within the body, but for the immune system it’s value cannot be understated.* Our immune response is an inflammatory response by nature and it is needed to properly defend the body.*  Unchecked, rampant inflammation from the immune response can lead to more serious health issues.* Vitamin D enhances immune regulation, by helping decrease inflammation caused by immune cells.*

Echinacea and Elderberry Benefits for Immune System Support

Flowering echinacea

Echinacea and elderberry have been used in traditional cultures to support health and wellness for centuries. Echinacea is an ancient herb that is rich in polyphenols, specifically alkylamides. These alkylamides possess extremely potent anti-inflammatory properties that can help the body’s immune function.* Similarly, elderberry’s anthocyanins work in much the same manner. In addition to the inflammation modulating activity, elderberries may help slow the spread of harmful microorganisms.* Nature’s Lab Echinacea contains 760 mg of echinacea in a serving of two capsules. You can find both echinacea and elderberry in Nature's Lab Gold Immunity Synergy.

Mushrooms Benefit Immune Health

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Mushrooms are a recent addition to immunity boosting supplements, but they are powerful immune stimulators. Mushrooms have a dual benefit of increasing good bacteria in the gut and enhancing T-cells in the immune system.* The polysaccharides in mushrooms are broken down in the digestive tract by our body’s microbiome. The chemical produced by the interaction results in enhanced immune function, particularly within the immune T-cells.* Learn more in the article, Mushrooms: How They Support Wellness. We packed seven different species of functional mushrooms in our Mushroom 7 supplement.

Zinc Supports Immune Cell Function*

Foods containing zinc which benefits immunity

Zinc is an essential mineral that we cannot make in our bodies. While it has many functions, some of which are not fully understood, its role in immune support is clear. Our immune system has an array of different immune cells for a variety of uses. The T-cells are one specific type of immune cell that requires an adequate amount of zinc to function properly.* When we are deficient in zinc it affects the lifespan of T-cells, and some are not able to mature to their full active potential.* Making sure we receive zinc through food or supplements such as Nature's Lab Zinc Picolinate 50mg can help support our overall immune health.

The Best Immune Health Supplements

Nature's Lab Gold immune health supplements

Are you looking for supplements that can help support your immunity? At Nature’s Lab we carry a variety of products that can enhance your wellness. Nature’s Lab Gold Immunity Plus is a blend of essential vitamins, minerals and flavonoids, featuring vitamin D3, vitamin C, selenium, zinc, astragalus root and quercetin. Immunity Synergy showcases well known immune boosters echinacea and elderberry paired with the powerful nutritional benefit of zinc and the botanical herb andrographis. Take a look at our immune health collection to find the dietary supplement that fits your needs.

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