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* Look for products with an emphasis on natural non GMO ingredients
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    As a Nature's Lab Brand Influencer, you’ll enjoy awesome perks, free products and 10% cash commission on every qualifying purchase! Oh, and your friends, family + followers will get 20% off their purchase, too!

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    Why do people choose Nature’s Lab for their supplements?

    High standards of purity for all supplement manufacturing

    Quality globally sourced ingredients

    Formulas without GMOs, artificial sweeteners, artificial colors or artificial preservatives


    Right now, staying well is on everyone’s minds. That’s why we’ve combined our top immune supporting supplements into one collection, our Immunity Support Prep & Protect Kit. This selection of supplements includes well researched ingredients that have a consistent track record for providing immune support. 

    Super Vitamin C combines a non-acidic form of vitamin C with citrus bioflavonoids and quercetin for a powerhouse antioxidant blend. Quercetin is a potent flavonoid that may prevent histamine release.* Super Vitamin C contains 200 mg of quercetin in each serving, the same amount found in 40 servings of blueberries.

    Echinacea has long been known for its immune stimulating properties Our formula includes organic echinacea powder which is packed with immune boosting alkylamides, phenols and other inflammation fighting plant compounds.

    One Daily Multivitamin is our next generation multivitamin that contains over 30 nutrients, 21 of which are essential vitamins and minerals. This all in one formula boasts a prebiotic fermented food complex to encourage beneficial bacteria in the gut as well as anti-inflammatory ingredients like alpha lipoic acid, turmeric extract, and resveratrol.

    Influencer Application

    Our influencer applicants have the chance to receive free products, merchandise, special discount codes, offers, invitations to exclusive events, & more.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Simply put, these awesome people love to help people enhance their health and quality of life by sharing tips on living your best life! Our Influencers are health-focused individuals who are motivated to make the world a better place.

    To be a Nature's Lab Influencer, you must be active on social media and over the age of 18. We’re currently accepting applications for US residents only. Simply fill out the Influencer application form and we will be in touch!

    By becoming an Influencer, you’ll get access to free products and cool perks, plus an exclusive referral code that your friends, family, and followers can use to shop natureslab.com at 20% off. You can also earn commissions via our affiliate program.

    * Quality globally sourced ingredients

    * High standards of purity for all supplement manufacturing

    * Formulas without GMOs, artificial sweeteners, artificial colors or artificial preservatives