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Are you just starting a new workout routine or already a seasoned gym veteran? Whether a newbie or a regular, it’s important to take care of your joints so you can stay active. What are some supplement ingredients that can help you meet your fitness goals and minimize wear and tear on the joints?*

Flavonoids possess a wealth of benefits for your health. Specific types of flavonoids offer targeted benefits ranging from everything from improving skin tone to soothing the gut.* 

Stress. Everyone has it. How you manage it can make a difference in your health. Research studies have shown that chronic high stress can detrimentally affect our health. What can you do to manage stress and what supplements can help you cope? We have some helpful tips on how to keep stress manageable.

One of the most researched nutritional ingredients of the last few years would no doubt be the spice turmeric. This ancient herbal ingredient is well-deserving of all the attention. It turns out that turmeric is not only a tasty addition to food, but contains biologically active polyphenols that exert a wide array of benefits on our health.* 

Not sure what to get for that one particular person on your list. Don’t sweat it. Check out our Wellness Gift Guide to get healthy gift ideas for every loved one on your list.

What foods should you be reaching for if you want to maintain better health? We have compiled some of the foods that have the most positive research behind their health benefits in this week’s blog.
Let’s face it. Life is hectic. How can you keep yourself healthy and keep your sanity in the process? Find research-backed tips for reducing your stress in our latest blog.

The importance of iron can’t be understated. Our red blood cells have difficulty functioning properly without it. In fact, 70% of the iron found in our body is located in our red blood cells. What are the different forms of iron and are there advantages to taking some forms over others? 

Magnesium is one of the most important nutrients we need to be healthy, but more than likely, you aren’t getting enough of this mineral through your diet. Learn how to increase your magnesium and why it's crucial to your health in this week’s blog post.