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The use of herbs for health benefits goes back centuries. Beyond just anecdotal use of herbs for health, we’re taking a closer look at scientific research to see how the unique properties of herbs provide benefits from head to toe.
What’s the backstory of Nature’s Lab? From sourcing to testing, learn about the behind the scenes work that goes into your supplements.

Have you struggled with trying to maintain a healthy weight as you get older? We’re taking a closer look at the science of being fit and providing you with useful tips on what to eat and what supplements may help you reach your goals in this week’s article.

Sun, chlorine, salt water, sweat, sand… Summer can be fun, but can wreak havoc on your skin and your health. Besides using sunscreen regularly, what else can you do to maintain your health during the warm summer months? Read on to find out what supplements will keep you summer ready.*

Father's Day is coming soon! While some of us may struggle to find the perfect gift, we know that a tailored wellness regimen is a perfect way to show dad how much you care. Continue reading to see our top dietary picks that dads everywhere will be sure to love.

Everyone gets the same 24 hours each day, but what we do with that time is what can make all the difference in our quality of life. Do you ever wish you had more time to perhaps dust off your guitar and hone your playing skills? What about simply having more time with family? How can you get all of your responsibilities done so you can have more time to do what you love? Here’s a few helpful productivity tips so you can get the most out of your day.

Urinary health is important for keeping digestion and waste disposal running smoothly. These tips can help you maintain a healthy bladder and overall wellness. Read more to learn about five ways you can help maintain bladder and urinary tract health.*

While the body has the ability to detox naturally, different environmental factors, toxins, stressors and other natural aspects of life may leave us feeling like we need a bit of a boost. This blog contains our top tips and favorite supplements to help the body's various detox systems.*
The brain is your body’s internal computer, regulating everything from routine vital functions to mood. The brain is an organ that ages just like anything else within our body.  What can you do to help foster optimal cognitive health? Take a look at these tips.