Just like vitamins, minerals also play an important role in nutrition. Zinc is found in cells throughout the body and can support everything from digestion, nerve function, healthy muscle function and immune health.* Learn more about this important mineral.
Historically, ginger has been used as a tonic for common ailments.* Today, its roots are commonly used to promote digestive health and healthy inflammatory response.* Read our blog to find out about this ancient herb and Nature's Lab Ginger Supreme. 
Keeping skin hydrated all winter long is an important part of self-care routines, especially with dry winter months ahead. Try this Himalayan Pink Salt Scrub with Jojoba and other essential oils from Paradise Springs. 
Feeling congested?  Dry weather and more time indoors can irritate nasal passageways and leave you feeling stuff. Try this DIY Sinus Relief Bath for a soothing, clearing effect.
Looking for a hydrating way to get skin winter-ready? Try this DIY Brightening Turmeric Butter from Paradise Springs featuring shea butter, turmeric and lemon oil.
Vitamin D is an important vitamin for general wellness and supports many biochemical reactions throughout the body.* This blog highlights the benefits of this critical vitamin and why supplementation of vitamin D may be an important part of your wellness regimen.*
Make your outer beauty sparkle like the inner beauty with these DIY glitter lotion bars. These hydrating additions to any beauty routine are portable for on-the-go convenience. Read more.
Cold, dry weather can leave skin fighting to stay moisturized. Exfoliate and brighten dull skin with this DIY Calming Sugar Scrub featuring Rosemary and tea leaves.