This sore muscle salve combines herbaceous Rosemary Oil with floral Lavender Oil calming, herby aroma that works to ease tensions and soothe muscles.
We’re highlighting essential oil uses for men this week at Paradise Springs. It’s easy for men to incorporate essential oils into their daily routines, and this refreshing Eucalyptus Shaving Cream is a great way to start the morning with an invigorating, natural shave.

When applied topically, essential oils can uplift mood, promote relaxation, and even be incorporated into beauty regimens to help balance and tone sensitive skin.* Below are a few go-to favorites to help make PMS less of a pain* featuring Paradise Springs Essential Oils.

Sensitive stomach? Paradise Springs Digestive Blend features peppermint, ginger, tarragon, fennel, coriander and anise to aid with occasional gastrointestinal distress.* Try our DIY Tummy Salve Recipe featuring this soothing essential oil to help calm the occasional upset stomach.*

Nature's Lab created the Prep and Protect Immune Support Kit to help support immune health through cold and flu season and beyond.* Keep reading to learn more about the important vitamins and supplements in this kit that help support immune health and general wellness.*
Magnesium supports over 300 enzyme-driven bodily functions and is often called the “Master Mineral” because of its crucial role in many bodily functions.* Continue reading to discover the importance of this essential mineral.
Summer is finally here. This blog takes a look at different ways to incorporate Nature's Lab Coconut Oil into natural after sun recipes, including skin care, hair care, and hydrating bath melts. 
Father's Day is Sunday, June 21st, and we're highlighting ways men can incorporate essential oils into their daily routines. Keep reading to find natural aftershave recipes for all skin types featuring Paradise Springs Essential Oils.
Father's Day is Sunday, June 21st. Wondering how to incorporate essential oils into dad’s routine? Check out this blog for a DIY beard oil and beard balm recipe using Paradise Springs Essential Oils.