Historically, ginger has been used as a tonic for common ailments.* Today, its roots are commonly used to promote digestive health and healthy inflammatory response.* Read our blog to find out about this ancient herb and Nature's Lab Ginger Supreme. 
Looking for a hydrating way to get skin winter-ready? Try this DIY Brightening Turmeric Butter from Paradise Springs featuring shea butter, turmeric and lemon oil.
The foundation of a life lived with abundant energy is developing a core set of habits that support health in general. Nature's Lab's Chief Medical Officer, Dr. John Walker, discusses healthy lifestyle tips and supplements to support energy levels naturally.
In this blog, Nature's Lab's Chief Medical Officer, Dr. John Walker, highlights some of the most important medicinal mushrooms for general wellness, immune health, healthy inflammatory response and more.*
Sleep is important to our general wellness, productivity and even immune health.* Tossing and turning all night, additional stress, or a change in routine can all lead to broken sleep.* If you’re having trouble sleeping, try these healthy tips to promote restful sleep naturally.*
We are all facing unprecedented times. If you’re finding yourself feeling sluggish mid-afternoon, having trouble focusing, or simply just feel exhausted, then try our healthy tips to boost energy levels naturally.
With many dietary supplement choices on the market today, there are none older than herbal supplements. Discover some of these ancient favorites!