The holiday season is finally here. This layered milk bath featuring essential oils from Paradise Springs makes a perfect gift for friends or loved ones as well as a great addition to your own self-care routine. 
Keeping skin hydrated all winter long is an important part of self-care routines, especially with dry winter months ahead. Try this Himalayan Pink Salt Scrub with Jojoba and other essential oils from Paradise Springs. 
Feeling congested?  Dry weather and more time indoors can irritate nasal passageways and leave you feeling stuff. Try this DIY Sinus Relief Bath for a soothing, clearing effect.
Make your outer beauty sparkle like the inner beauty with these DIY glitter lotion bars. These hydrating additions to any beauty routine are portable for on-the-go convenience. Read more.
Cold, dry weather can leave skin fighting to stay moisturized. Exfoliate and brighten dull skin with this DIY Calming Sugar Scrub featuring Rosemary and tea leaves. 
This sore muscle salve combines herbaceous Rosemary Oil with floral Lavender Oil calming, herby aroma that works to ease tensions and soothe muscles.

When applied topically, essential oils can uplift mood, promote relaxation, and even be incorporated into beauty regimens to help balance and tone sensitive skin.* Below are a few go-to favorites to help make PMS less of a pain* featuring Paradise Springs Essential Oils.

Sensitive stomach? Paradise Springs Digestive Blend features peppermint, ginger, tarragon, fennel, coriander and anise to aid with occasional gastrointestinal distress.* Try our DIY Tummy Salve Recipe featuring this soothing essential oil to help calm the occasional upset stomach.*