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Some nutrients work perfectly together to improve functionality, while others need to be taken separately for maximum absorption. Read the latest blog to learn how you can put together the best vitamin and supplement routine to maximize results for your health.
Overeating, stress, and other factors during the holidays can cause the digestion to become upset. Read the latest blog to find tips to maintain digestive wellness throughout the season and incorporate them for everyday use.  
Do you know if you’re getting enough vitamins and minerals throughout the day? Missing nutrients in your diet can negatively impact normal physical function. Read the blog to understand more about the vitamins you need.    
If you find yourself feeling sluggish during the fall and winter months, you’re not alone. Try some of these methods before you feel the fall drowsiness or the winter blues.
Every season requires a different focus to keep your skin and body healthy. Use these fall beauty & health tips to help you transition your routine to meet the cooler fall weather.
There are many circumstances that can have a negative impact on mental clarity and focus. If your brain is in a fog during the day it can impact productivity. In the latest blog, learn the tips and tricks to support cognitive health, improve focus, and help with concentration.
In this week's blog, we go inside the lab with Kevin Kang, lab manager, who has been with Nature’ Lab since its inception. Get to know more about Kevin, his operations methods, and his dedication to creating the top-quality nutritional products. 
Getting proper nutrients can help support healthy eyes and proper vision. Top-quality nutritions will include a mix of vitamins, minerals, carotenoids, antioxidants, and herbal compounds which can help strengthen, nourish, and protect the eyes.* Learn more in this week's blog.
Calcium can only be fully effective in bone-building if the body has enough vitamin D.* Together these two nutrients work together to maintain bone strength. Let’s explore more reasons why calcium and vitamin D are beneficial for bone health.