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The Paradise Springs Refresher Kit is packed with rich, woody, sweet, and herbaceous essential oils perfect for Summer. Check out some of our favorite DIY recipes using this kit.
We love essential oils for cleaning. Try incorporating these DIY recipes featuring Paradise Springs Essential Oils into your workout routine.
We love DIY hair masks. The Summer heat and extra time outside can result in dried-out tresses; to give strands some extra TLC, try our hydrating Ginger Oil Hair Growth Mask.
Paradise Springs Tea Tree Essential Oil has anti-septic and anti-inflammatory properties that make it ideal for use in this natural recipe to help soothe the skin while restoring it to its natural pH balance. Learn more with this DIY recipe.
Paradise Springs Lavender Oil Lotion Bars are perfect for moisturizing the skin while leaving behind a soft aroma suitable for daily use. Give this DIY recipe a try!